0 Problem? was my capstone project in Spring 2016. This was one of the first times I had free reign to do literally whatever I wanted to for a class, and I took the opportunity to develop a platforming game because platforming is one of my favorite genres and since it was 2D, I would be able to do the art myself. This project was a roller coaster... Trying to design a level or boss, only to start developing it and realizing that my design was either impossible or too easy and then having to change it on the fly and tweak and tune until it felt right. Despite the hardships, developing this game was an incredibly valuable experience.
The best feeling of my development career so far is with this project, simply because it was the first time players really "played" my game. I mean, they would sit down for an hour or so to try to get through the game because they knew they could! There is only a three levels and two bosses that if played perfectly take roughly a minute each, but people would find themselves stuck on a level or boss with the goal just out of reach and just keep going at it. I wanted to develop something challenging, but not something so frustrating that the players simply put it down, and from what I saw from my testers, I successfully achieved that goal! When you finally beat that level or boss you have been working on for the past half-hour you enter a state of euphoria that drives the player to keep going until they beat all of the levels and bosses.
Ryan Darras