I have been working on this 2D roguelike game for 1 year now, I'm inspired in games like Fallout (1 and 2) and Wasteland. To mention some of its features: Random encounters Quests: Community made quests (online/optional) and Procedurally generated All items when equipped change apperance Random generated towns with new people with stories, quests and items to buy and sell You can be friend or foe to attack anybody, with consequences (hello Skyrim) to karma Karma affects how random towns, encounters and NPC treats you (attack/not attack you, sell/buy prices, free items) Create your character by selecting Race, Linage and a Perk More than 6 Races, 9 Linages and 25 perks to choose from to build your character (Check second video) Alpha Gameplay: Example of Character creation: As a side note the Artificial Inteligence, items, quest and story telling is defined in Spreadsheets using Excel, I developed a custom and easy system that I plan to share with the community as simple tools to build more content. I'm highly motivated to finish this game up, and am looking to know the first impressions. is an example of how to create stuff in Excel, everything is easily exported to the game, I plan to put this online for the community or make an online interface to replace the Excel need: AI Example (This AI module can be seen in action in the Alpha Gameplay Video :) Item creation A level creation Edit Jan/18/2017 Just to continue with /u/aotdev I recorded this quick video to show the change proposed in action to move to a 1:1 aspect ratio and zoomed out camera
Oscar Ortiz
IT Manager