Join the journey of a small dragon trying to break out of its predators stomach while mastering the flying mechanic and gathering new companions in the highly skill-based mobile game Drant.
Drant is a free mobile game developed by former game students trying to create a fun and challenging experience. It is based on the premise to create something everyone could learn and enjoy in seconds but at the same time something highly skill depending. Also no ads should destroy the flow of the game and the feeling of “only one more try”. There are rewarding achievements, new characters, special game modes and more secrets to unlock if you manage to collect the coins and beat the time trials. If you stuck at a level there is a possibility of buying helpful items with an ingame currency.
★ Different unique worlds
★ 40 levels and more secret ones
★ Different characters with their own play styles
★ Easy to learn but hard to master
★ Mix of 2D and 3D art to create appealing visuals
★ Ingame shop and many achievement
Tentakel Aerobic
Marcel Kolbenschlag
Game Artist & Illustrator - Artist
Jonathan Hoschkara
Indie Dev - Programmer
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Elias Hoschkara
2 years ago
Indie Dev
Now it's released, please give it a try. Every critique helps us making better games :)
Elias Hoschkara
3 years ago
Indie Dev
Not yet but we're working hard on it. :) Release is planned for March.
Renato Santos
3 years ago
Game Developer
Is it published?