RTS Game in a 2D side scrolling format. This is my hobby project where I spend much of my free time. Whilst the concept of the game is mine and I lead the development I appreciate contributions from my friends and others. After toying with a few game engines and concepts I have settled on Unity and 2DSSRTS because it is very enjoyable to develop. There is a great scope for units and abilities with varying levels of complexity in their implementation. Development is at an early stage with many of the basic mechanics in place such as camera controls, unit selection, movement and shooting. AI, research trees, buildings, super powers and more on the way. If you'd like to know more or possibly get involved please get in touch. Especially interested in hearing from game artists. I'm also interested in working on other cool projects so if you'd like me to write some code for your game or be interested in a skills exchange let me know. Cheers, Vince
Vince Coleman