Ms Jump
Ms Jump is a rip-off of the original hit game Mr. Jump on theApp Store. Ms Jump was simply my attempt to make a platformer in a week. Ms Jump was my second endless runner after Gravity Man and my first project for Android. The project was made in Unity 4.6 with new 2D Tools. The project was later ported to Unity 5 for implementing IAP and Ads. The project stands as it is at the time of its making Genre: Arcade Type: 2D Game Engine / Language used: Unity 4.6 / C# Platform: Mobile Services: 1. Chartboost 2. Soomla Features: 1. Different environments 2. Procedural generation of platforms 3. Ads implementation through Chartboost SDK 4. IAP implementation through Soomla Find out more about Ms Jump here:
Aparant Mane
Designer and Programmer at Kangarooster LLC - Designer