Angusmf's first project, still going! UNET-based project that regularly gets refactored and subjected to new back-end integrations while Angus attempts to learn what's up. The plan these days is to continuously deliver a WebGL client that connects to a microservice back-end. The artwork and original game design didn't have the new anti-focus on violence (as opposed to "focus on non-violence," which sounds really It's not a game at this point, but it does have mechanics. Each character on the screen is controllable by the player. You enter the game as a fairy, but clicking anything else will give you control over that character instead, and the fairy begins to follow it. Mounts, like goats, compies and poofs, can only jump, but they can jump quite far. Bopmen can run and jump a bit, but can also ride a mount! Where might they go??
Sometimes the goats land on top of each other and stay that way for a while, and it always makes Angus happy. He laughs and feels ok with the world at large.
Jim/Angus Freeman
Computer Goat - Owner