GEO-TECH is the most advanced Geo-Thermal facility in the world and a pioneer in renewable energy when one day a mysterious nemesis by the name of “The Trickster” finds a way to disable the whole facility! It’s time for GRAY to step in, fix the facility and stop the Trickster once and for all! -Tap and turn steam to power up doors! -Use Cold Steam and Warm Steam to freeze and melt your way through all kinds of dangers in Geo-Tech’s dynamic facility! -Use the elements to you accomplish your goal to defeat the Trickster! GeoTech is a game that was created for the Hengelo Heim museum with the objective to teach children how Geo Thermal energy is used to power up lasers, bridges and much more. With a 7 Man Team and a production span of 8 weeks we delivered a game that kids love and adults want to play more! In GeoTech we have a procedural bridge generation system that allows players to cross large gaps, lasers that melt ice to get across bridges and most importantly steam pipes that can be directed to areas around the level! Collectibles across the levels allow players to explore and see the incredibly stunning GeoTech Facility! GEOTECH WAS AN ENTRY IN THE DUTCH GAME AWARDS IN 2016 LINK: GAME BUILT IN UNITY BUILD: COMPATIBLE ON FOR WINDOWS 7 AND UP
Willem Kranendonk
Mr - Designer