Last Stonelord Greenlight Teaser 2017
New Enviroments!
my water shader made with shaderforge
Fun with trains and rollercoasters!
art testing
Enviroment Tile with customized triplanar shader
dungeon test
low level player base and crafting
LastStonelord Water/Dungeon/Rain alpha gameplay
LastStonelord alpha Crafting
Sea and Land Aniamals Show
L3D "Last StoneLord" Menu and Avatar making
Last Stonelord Skills and abilities alpha gameplay!
Last Stonelord
My game of the life, a personal Sandbox rpg inspired by game like ultima online, linage2,Chrono triggers and league of legends !More
#laststonelord #rpg #Sandbox #character #monsters #Cartoon #3D #Gameplay #Game Development #Game Design #last #handpainted
a month ago
very good!
Awesome, very awesome!! :D
a month
This is awesome! Love your work!
love it !
wich plataform u use for this??