Slot-Cars build (Environment demo)
Slot Cars
Slot-Cars is a game project I worked on to finalize a year of CG study. As you can see on the video, there is no gameplay andMore
#Unity #3ds Max #3D Models #slot cars #Game #race #Vehicle #polycount-3D #modular #scalectrix #toy #Lego
4 months ago
4 months
Best of luck Adrien! (Houda)
@Adrien Lelièvre amazing project! Good luck - Invite your friends to get more likes ;)
@Mark Poeppelmeier Hi ! thanks dude, yes I totally will do aha ! Prizes are pretty attractive on this contest !!
Manu Pardal
2 months
Super awesome, this is like going back to childhood!!! Would love to make music for this, and you should totally make it a game because people would pay for it, including myself!!