Ganja Goons
If you would have peace, prepare for war, man. Lead a commune of high rasta soldiers and build a weed farm empire! Grow your weed stash and protect it! Upgrade your rasta warriors and enhance its defenses. Keep those other dirtie soldiers, with their insatiable munchies, away from what's your ganja. Raid green houses and treasure chests and grow your weed farm empire into a fierce operation! FEATURES ● Weaponize your commune into a fortress capable of fending off invaders ● Create the grooviest army this side of the 60's, with Rasta Soldiers, Brownie Monsters and the mysterious Agent G.R.A.S.S ● Battle communes around the world and establish yourself as the most strongest of them all. ● Band with your brothers in bongs in a Clan and fight your rivals ● Build and upgrade 9 different units, each with their own, unique buzz. ● Buff your units with their favorite smokes inside the hotbox and use all the special abilities at your disposal ● Defend your commune with ratatatas, bong sprayers, high towers and other weapons! ● Fight through the single player campaign for more gold than you can spend and more weed than you can smoke. Kidding. No such amount of either exists. Now lets keep the going flowing and start growing an fierce Ganja operation!
Mukarram Shafique Chauhdary
Unity3D Developer - Programmer
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