5 Interesting Facts about Vertical Infinity Characters
Published 2 years ago
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1. Rebirth Concept -
This concept of rebirth signifies that when a character dies, he can re-emerge in a different role according to his assigned credentials. For instance, a bomber, if eliminated from the game, can only re-emerge as a bomber if he concludes his assigned path. If failed, he may materialize as a different character. For instance, a sniper can also re-emerge as a bomber if he scores less karmic points as it does not signifies with his designated path which weakens his original virtue.
2. Karmic Points -
In 'Vertical Infinity' each character has a predefined style of playing which is already implanted in his character. For instance, a sniper has a specific style of play which involves shooting from a long range and eliminating the opponent's snipers. Therefore, if he deviates from his assigned path, he would forfeit his karmic points. Karmic points are similar to life points (karma), which defines one's existence, therefore if a character loses his karmic points, he gets eliminated.
3. Unique Skill-Sets -
Each character has some special attributes inaugurated in their temperament. For instance, character 'Prutha' from the team 'Eternia' is a specialist in rocket launchers and can hit the enemy from a long range. Her body movements are ultra swift and attitude is calculative and authoritative which enables her to take certain decisions according to the situation provided. Similarly, other characters are also compatible in specific combat modes which enables them to counter the enemy with their unique fighting skills.
4. Head versus Heart -
The head versus the heart is the main theme of Vertical Infinity. All the characteristics are split up into one of these philosophies. However, there includes some characters, having the mentality of perceiving life as a sacrifice. This brave heart thinking enables them to take certain decisions from their internal mindset. On the other hand, certain characters think from the heart which signifies beauty, aura and the embodiment marked with leadership.
5. Invaders and Defenders -
All game characters are divided into two constituents such as invaders and defenders. Characters which comes under invaders are aggressive therefore their style of playing is dominant in nature. On the other hand, defenders are the characters who have a submissive style of play in which they are more keen towards the betterment of others. This isolates them from their ultimate objectives.
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Mohnish Zade