5 Facts about Vertical Infinity Game Play
Published 3 years ago
5 Facts about Vertical Infinity Game Play
1. Virtual Reality at It's Core -
Virtual reality had been termed as the next big thing in the gaming arena. It has quickly grasped people's attention and made its place in their mind. 'Vertical Infinity' gives an exact proposition and pays well to this emerging concept. This spectacle can be witnessed by simply playing it on any available platform and experience the new buzz which challenges all gaming limits.
2. Scintillating Graphics -
'Vertical Infinity' promises a game play with an absolute stunning visuals effects which illustrates its zeal and mesmerizing artwork. The whole game is designed in such a way that, it doesn’t make the player his eye blink which totally grabs his attention in an instant. Game terrains, characters and its interior built has been projected remarkably well.
3. Multiplayer Scientific-Shooter Game -
Scientific, futuristic themes are always being a fascination for people as they always await for something out of the ordinary. The story line of 'Vertical Infinity' revolves around two future civilizations who are battling a war which humans are fighting for ages. 'First player shooter' (FPS) games being always a topmost choice of game fans, if provide with an option of multiplying, that definitely sets the game on demand.
4.The Battle Of Heart versus Head -
It all boils down to the fact that this game has commenced itself with a never before witnessed concept where the clash of two frames of minds are set to eventualize. Consisting of two sides, 'Logica' and 'Eternia' where 'Logica' takes decisions from head and 'Eternia', from heart. These two ideologies separates 'Eternia' and 'Logica' from their actions which will determine the actual repercussion of the game.
5. Modernistic Characters -
Characters in 'Vertical Infinity' has their own uniqueness as they are not only advanced machines, but also packed with ultra-modern skills which sets them apart from their contemporaries. Each of the character specializes in a particular weapon which gives an edge to outsmart their opponents. The basic ideology of heart and head which control the way they think is the foremost constraint of the decisions they make which in fact determines their hustle in the game.
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Mohnish Zade