4 Useful iTunes Store Features You Never Know
Updated 9 days ago
Here you'll get some useful iTunes store feature which you never know. For that, you need to read this article thoroughly. Also, get a guide to earning free iTunes gift card in 2019.
The iTunes Store is packed full of goodies, from music, and movies to apps and eBooks. However, with millions of items for sale there, it's easy to overlook some of the store's lesser-known and infrequently used features.
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Check out these 4 cool hidden features of the iTunes Store and make your digital entertainment experience more productive.

1. Complete My Album

Complete My Album is a feature where you can buy full albums at a discounted price if you purchased one or more songs from that album.
This feature of the iTunes Store eliminates a situation that many purchasers of individual songs encounter: they buy a single song for $0.99 and later want to purchase the full album.
Usually, you would either buy all the individual songs that make up the album for a final price higher than the standard album price. Either way, you'll pay a higher price for initially purchasing a single song.
When you are buying a single song from my complete album, you can buy the full album for a lower price based on the number of songs you purchased from the album.

2. iTunes LP

Do you remember when CDs came with booklets full of notes, photos, and other bonus content? iTunes LP brings back that experience in a modern, expanded format available through the iTunes Store.
iTunes LP takes the traditional iTunes Store offering a collection of songs priced lower when bought as an album than when purchased separately and adds additional content to the package. This includes bonus tracks, videos, PDFs, and more. Different iTunes LP packages contain different content.
The same basic features used to create iTunes LPs are also used to create iTunes Extras, additional bonus content available with some movies sold at the iTunes Store.
The iTunes LP format was launched with a handful of albums from artists such as Bob Dylan, The Doors, and the Grateful Dead, but has since expanded to include hundreds of new classic albums across all genres.
Note: Prices for iTunes LPs range broadly, from $7.99 USD to $24.99 USD. It requires iTunes 9 and higher.

3. iTunes Pass

Apple has used the name iTunes Pass to refer to two separate features. The first, which is no longer used, provided fans of musicians and bands early access to bonus content about upcoming albums.
An iTunes Pass was not the same as a Season Pass; it was for music only, while a Season Pass is a popular feature for TV shows. The original iTunes Pass feature was introduced in 2009 and ended sometime later.
The current iTunes Pass feature is a way to add money to an Apple ID for use at the iTunes Store and employs the Apple Wallet app. Wallet (originally called Passbook) debuted in iOS 7 and stores tickets, gift cards, and other transnational content from compatible apps in files called "cards."
One card that can be included in wallet is an iTunes Gift Card style file which you can use to add money to your iTunes account.
To add money to an account using Wallet and iTunes Pass:
  1. From the iTunes Store app, go to the bottom menu and choose Music, Movies, or TV Shows.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap your Apple ID.
  3. Choose View Apple ID, and if prompted, either scan your fingerprint or enter your Apple ID password.
  4. Scroll down and tap Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.
  5. In the iTunes card, select Add.
The Wallet app now contains an iTunes card that displays your current balance. Show your iTunes Pass to a cashier at a participating retail store to add money to your account.
An iTunes Pass is also an easy way to give someone money. For example, when a parent wants to give their kid a gift of money to spend at iTunes, they take the kid's phone to an Apple Store and add money using Wallet.
It's also possible to share your iTunes Pass card via AirDrop with other people who can give you money whenever they want. Tap the Share button on the card (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it) to allow someone else to fund your iTunes purchases.

4. Movies and TV: iTunes Digital Copy

iTunes Digital copy is the name for an offering that lets customers who buy individual DVDs, and Blu-rays. Receive an iPhone or iPad-compatible version of the movie that they're authorized to copy to their computer and iOS device.
There are two ways to get iTunes Digital Copies:
  1. Compatible DVDs automatically copy the iTunes Digital Copy version of the movie into iTunes when the DVD is inserted into a computer, and the code that comes with the DVD is entered.
  2. The Digital Copy can be played on a computer or Apple TV, or synced to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Movies purchased on Blu-ray, which isn't a Mac-compatible format that offers a Digital Copy generally include a DVD with the Digital Copy on it.
  3. As bandwidth has increased and people have become more comfortable downloading large files such as movies, the Digital Copy has migrated to a download.
In this case, DVDs and Blu-rays that include a Digital Copy provide a redemption code. When the redemption code is entered at the iTunes Store, the movie is added to an iTunes/iCloud account as if it were a new purchase.
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