3D Projection Mapping on a Church
3D Projection Mapping is a spectacular event combining many areas of audiovisual art (animation, music, light) and gathering thousands of people. Mapping is the perfect culmination of important mass crowd events and occasional events such as city days, the opening of a new institution, donation of a building for public use or the commemoration of an important city or country anniversary. Our mapping shows are visited each time by thousands of visitors and feature high artistic level, accuracy, reliability of projection quality and very reliable cooperation with the organizer at every stage of the event. By cooperating with us, the organizer has a guarantee of reliability and reliability preceded by numerous tests and quality approvals long before the event.
- comprehensive production - we do complex production of large format 3D mapping on facades (sound system, animation production, music and sound efects production, projector system, lighting)
- animation production - we produce a few minutes of animation by a team of experienced animators familiar with the specifics of architectural projection. Show in 3D or 2D technique is repeated every few minutes
- screenplay and storyboard - we specialize in writing creative and dynamic scenarios (by listening to the customer's comments we create stories full of drama and emotion)
- 3D modelling - We design spatial 3D building models; based on them an animation is prepared taking into account all the architectural features of the building
- sound speakers and projectors - we provide line array sound equipment and large format projection equipment