Unity 5 - Let's Form A Team
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In case you did not research on the subject I would like to inform you that in 2018 on planet earth there are only 21 million software developers and they specified that 5 million software developers are Americans and around Europe and the rest of the world are almost 15 million software developers, Unity 5 is a world wide lifetime program. Now, understanding the fact that creation is the main source of knowledge and a existence requirement, having unlimited access to these super power, I understand that it's just a matter of time until I will open my own company, there is no need to work on a "personal project" only if it is on your free time. I don't want to insult you but you need to get you game project on a paper and just present the project to a investor, it definitely needs to be educational as a thematic, surly people will realize that it's useful for them to actually invest there money in a project that is certain to be successful. Don't forget that we, as programmers are trying to create products for more the 98% of the world population at a global scale the product it's a guaranteed multi millionaire investment. After all a game with apes for example could actually sell for more then $1 million.
I would like for you to team up with me to create a full project and the only thing I ask from you is to share my videos to laptop users to join Unity 5 with my 25$ house project. I'm ready to pay you 10$ for any client that you convince that learning to code in 2018 is the best decision of there life. Thank you !
I would like to create a open world strategy game with Vikings, a low poly style for iOS & Android and a high definition style one for Windows, taken into consideration that the thematic is important, I suggest a medieval one would do the job for a close group to actually contain multiplayer and a world chat to share your feelings with some different types of easy to maneuver controllers for them to just use in there day to day social activity like sharing all there hyperlinks in one place the same as a exchange between a pan & a paper. Thank you & looking forward to see your comments and project organization plan for us to actually complete each other and create a trust worthy company.
Best Regards

Marian Alexandru
Software Developer - Designer