3D Game Project (Structure Plan);
Published 3 years ago
"Structure Plan" Digital Product
I'm interested in finding out some sort of new digital products for new Unity5 Environment 3D Developers and 2D as well, my issue is the following and I would like you to assist me along the way to my solution.
If a 3D Game project for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/VR can be simple & complex simultaneously and no matter the platform is created for, the possibility of earning money for a simpler project rather the a complex one exists, then logically a "Structure Plan" (Digital Product) would be useful, correct ?
Well my problem is the following one, if creating a complex 3D Game project is a choice and a 2D Game "Structure Plan" is a benefit for a new software developer like a 3D Modeler, why not create a product for that is universal and unique ?
I'm new to Unity5 and software as well but I'm a autodidact and creating my essential image pretty fast, it would be nice to have a follow throw for beginners but there are only tutorials to follow and learn from for the moment I didn't manage to find a more practical solution for my characteristic issue solving way of thinking, no matter what I decided for myself that I will learn to code because it improves my life decisions in general, witch is great !
I would like to hear your opinions and advices regarding the way that a Software Developer manages to earn a income for his work in these very endless internet, there are a lot of talented people in these marketplace like yourself and I'm wandering what is the final decisive factor that makes a difference between a new Web Developer and a professional one ? From what I can understand so far, I realized that money is less important then the creation itself because you have a sort of control over certain negotiations, that makes you a trader, correct ? Well if traders sell, why do buyers buy ? I'm asking not from a parental position, more from a external view point because that's just the way I see things until these moment, after all you gain trust hard and if you lose it, it never comes back, right ?
Anyway, I understand that people in general want to find out new things but don't know how and just follow the path line until they reach a conclusion, a strategy game like chess will definitely sell even if it is a practical game around the world, for example a chess game with different types of kings & queens, modern or old, not just normal, because it's considered attractive. Now I know that you will not sell a new chess game in millions of copies but I think you could sell it to a few clients, practically I'm saying that a circle iOS App could get that message across if you have time to create one, personally I'm focusing all my attention on understanding what a Broker is for myself I decided to follow my interest for a % of a product like a "Structure Plan" for 2D Games with a basic script applied for object evolution, my question is the following, would you buy such a "Structure Plan" for your first 2D-3D Project with Unity5 ?
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Stewart Green
3 years ago
Game Designer
Wow - lots of questions to answer! I think first you need to decide if you want to run a business making games or want a hobby, too many people 'play' at making games and never finish and never make any money. - There is a difference. Firstly to understand if you are self employed - you are taking a risk, you can spend a lot of time and money and you have NO GUARANTEE, that you will ever get paid this back - self employed is risky. A complex game takes more time and money and requires more work, which is often more people which is then more cost, and is a greater risk. If you have lots of time and money and don't mind risk, do a complex game. If (as I suspect) you dont have endless time and money, then you NEED to do a smaller manageable game. - A big game doesn't mean you will earn more money. Also remember that making a game is only half the work (perhaps less) selling the game is HUGE, and selling requires marketing, advertising, promotion, it is a full time job. The idea that you 'build it' and the customers will all come running to you - is not true. If no one knows about your game, no-one will buy it. Not sure about your other questions: brokers, traders, - are these types of agents? I am not sure who these are? What do you mean by a "structure plan"? I have a lot of people with 'game ideas' all of them think they are worth a $million, but ideas are everywhere, the ability to do good work is what is important and hard to find. You can make money in this industry, but there are thousands of unfinished games, and more of finished games that do not sell. You need to work with a good team, with a commercial sellable idea, and work DAMN hard, not only to code, but to sell and market the product. - It is not easy.
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3 years ago
Well that a fact but I don't think it will get you to far in these game because you can only teach new potential clients about these program only if you have your own business already set up, yes it's a fact, you count actually sell some stuff to some people but you won't progress in Unity5 System as being professional therefore I only partially agree with your statement.
Omer Erenturk
3 years ago
Executive Manager
My humble suggestion to you would be, become master of your own trade. This means, having expertise on a certain field will always get you some jobs and as you are better in job, better jobs will find you. At this case, if you are graphical artist, focus on this job further. You can be either be hired or you can join a team and give your service. Nobody can master everything at same time. Considering if you are doing this job for income, learning can take huge time. And time is money. I kindly suggest you making your decision well at this point. Or, if you still want to do your own game as a Graphical Designer, you still have options. 1-Find a Team that they also have passion to make a similar game like you want, and Join them. Somebody codes, somebody animates, somebody paints. There are plenty teams who may be giving revenue-share or paid jobs if you can find, so you join and give your service. 2-If coding is hard to learn, Learn Playmaker or other Visual Scripting assets ( They will give you the speed and easyness you need. Personally, I use Playmaker and I am a no-coder designer too. 3-If you are not in hurry, learn coding in the long term, next to your daily visual development works. Step by step and one day, you may finally finish your product! But be careful, when something takes so much time without fruit, we usually lose our motivation someday, and we tend to stop working. For that reason, working on simpler things to harder things can be more beneficial at this case.