3D Balls Puzzle!
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“3D Balls Puzzle!” - made by a winner of Creative Application Award from Unity Technologies.

Did you play with beautiful glass and marble balls when you were a child? In this game you will revive those feelings! But the balls are magical now, and you have to think outside the box to solve all the puzzles!
“3D Balls Puzzle!” is a beautiful 3D physics game with unique challenging and dynamic gameplay!
There are various kinds of balls and obstacles, that have different features. Your goal is to choose the correct ball to shoot, to push out other balls from the game board or destroy them.
★ Safe for kids and adults - no balls to swallow! :)
★ Beautiful and atmospheric 3D graphics
★ Novelty: original and unique gameplay - this is not a clone!
★ Pleasure for the eyes and workout for the brain!
★ Various balls with different properties
★ Accurate 3D physics simulation of all objects
★ Balls with force fields!
★ Puzzles which require creative thinking
★ Trains fine motor skills which is always important for children and sometimes for adults.
This game is in Google Play’s Open Beta program.
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