3D and Concept Artist Available
Published a month ago
3D and Concept Artist looking for paid position

Sophie Cook

3D and Concept Artist Experienced, passionate and highly versatile artist with a wide range of artistic abilities and a hardworking nature. I’ve had a number of industry experiences both as a freelance artist and full-time employee, and I have fully developed my own game. I have also experience working as the only artist as part of a team. Always looking to improve my skills as well as bringing high energy and creative input!
Because I can adapt to a range of styles and cover anything from concept art, modelling, texturing, etc, I've found I am best suited to the indie scene (plus I love working in indie). This is why I'm posting here as UnityConnect is full of creative people looking to make great games with small teams!

Skills Include

  • Concept Art
  • Texturing
  • Asset Modelling
  • Character Modelling
  • Creature/ Character Design
  • Polished 2D Painting / Promotional Art
  • Flexible Art Style
  • Organised and Efficient
  • Proficient in 3ds Max, Photoshop and Unity
  • Remote work
All my portfolio work is available on my profile, alternately you can visit my ArtStation
Unfortunately I am only looking for paid work, this is not including Rev Shares. As much as I would like to get behind a passion project, I don't have the financial stability for it at the moment.
Please message if you're interested or have any enquiries, even if you have no positions available I am always happy to make connections!

Sophie Cook
Freelance 3D and Concept - Artist