360 Audio Spectrum Videos
This project dates all the way back in June 2016, where I was experimenting with the concept of an audio spectrum in Unity and rendering 360 video in Unity. After I fine-tuned everything, I began creating more of these videos as a way to promote other artists other than myself. The process goes something like this: I had a C# script processing audio data and transforming cubes in an array accordingly. Very simple stuff that, with the help of Unity, can be accomplished within a matter of minutes. I then advanced the spectrum by creating spectrum videos with multiple spectrums and spectrums with more cubes per ring. In the end, I ended up with an extremely simple yet versatile audio spectrum system that allowed me to make videos of a wide variety. I then needed to render it all into a 360 video. I used the VR Panorama 360 Pro Renderer to capture all necessary footage. As the VR Panorama 360 Pro Renderer could not capture live footage, I needed to record the Transform of the cubes in an animation. I used an Unity Runtime Animation Recorder and captured all the necessary animation data. Now that I had the cubes in an animation, I then can render the 360 video, a process that can take hours on end. After that, we add in the audio in Premiere Pro, render a 4k video, inject metadata and upload it straight to YouTube. Simple, right? Since the script is rather basic, it can be implemented onto multiple platforms for various uses. I'm currently using a more updated version of the script in my new project, Parallel, a game actively being developed by Illusios Studio. Feel free to drop by our website here: