2D "traditional" face on 3D characters
Updated 5 months ago
2D traditional look for 3D characters
I love 2D character, Disney work has inspired me over the years, and I've been trying to reproduce it in 3D as strange as it sounds.
This is great for camera movement! But it feels strange... Take a look at Netflix 2D CG anime, "The Dragon Prince" they do look good, but there's something strange :
Compared to traditional 2D :
The face ! I think body are Ok, but the face...
And also the frame rate, it's a bit funny that traditional animation try to be as fluid as possible, and that CG anime the inverse basically.
So as I was searching a solution, I came across Euclid 2D by Live2D Co, Live2D Co., Ltd. was developing technologies that can move 2D illustrations in 3D space.
You can see the comparison between 3D and 2D (face), it looks great in 2D, No aliasing
Pretty cool solution Right ! Unfortunately, they stop Live2D Euclid but fear not my friend. Esoteric software Spine can do the trick, well, I've made a few attempts.
A little bit of this a little bit of that first a spine !
than make a transition between 2 pose 0° and 45° base on camera rotation

Tada !
next step will be to animate the face with emotions !
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