2D RPG Top Down Medieval Art
This project planned thoughtfully to cover all actions you need for a character in a RPG game such as movement, communication and emotion. Over 200 clips in total! All pivot is set. Prefab ready. Import package and you an use them right away. Great for using in a simulation game or RPG game that requires lots of customization.
We made a bunch of Tiles and Props for this project ; Dungeon - a dark environment. Great for creating interior of prison, dungeon, basement or catacomb. Workshops - Great for creating interior of blacksmith, potion shop, kitchen, workstation and warehouse. House - Great for creating interior of a house, tavern or shops. Farm - a countryside landscape. Great for creating landscape of a farm, field and livestock.
The behind story. Originally, all artwork you see was made for our own game. We are so obsessed about fantasy, medieval rpg thing. It took months planing and experiment, and several more months animating. It was a full time job for us(we had a programmer at that time). It was a big plan, cost a lot of money, but somehow can't be finished. So we ended up selling them in asset store.
It's sad, but we are confident to say that this project is the best quality art pack we sell right now. We are truly proud of it and ourself. Now! these assets become a great source of income we got every month :D
If you like our style, please hire us!
Mimu Studio