2D RPG Challenge
Updated 10 months ago
Challenge is an opportunity for us!
We are small but a very addicted team of 2 people which are motivated to make games from a different perspective and trying to achieve this challange in a short period of time to test or skills and prove to ourselves and get some community feedback from the audience.

Castle Design

We build the castle walls first of all, then we used also towers for guarding the facility from outer enemies, and we created the ground layer. For the interior design we used the market place for the story to get to the other levels later maybe that you can get some items for making scrolls and such potions used for defeating the monsters.

Tile Palette

We used 2D Tilemaps feature for creating a background and foreground layers and created colliders for the unreachable areas. You can also use scrolls to attack enemies and they can evade & turn back to their starting point after you get out of range. For completeness we need to make further tweaks for game play but at least this new technology has been presented in a small amount of time in a game like environment that tells our creativity and what can be done in the future. (Of course in the RPG the story phase is still in development , we gave first importance to the usage of new tools in unity and demonstration of them. We will be later further developing the game if we also find some new team members that are eligible and eager to use the new fatures we are open to new ideas.)

2D Animation Tiles

We used animation tiles for the waterfall animation in the scene that is semi transparent and the character can go behind it, also we used blend trees for 2D enemy animation, and animator components for the transparency of the animation states and used RigidBody2D to interact with the tile map trees and such environment objects.


Special thanks to Armando Montero for the pixel art that he has created for public usage, without these assets we could not accomplish the challenge effectively.
We also thanksStephen "Redshrike" Challener as graphic artist and William Thompsonj as contributor for the 2d character that they provided for use.
Barbaros Tombaz
Game programmer - Programmer
Arda Parlak
game programmer - Student
Arda Parlak
7 months ago
game programmer
Thanks :)
Maciej Szcześnik
9 months ago
Independent Game Developer
Looking nice so far.