2D Platformer with Unique Mechanic
Published 3 years ago
In development
A short 2D platformer with a unique mechanic and some solid mechanics that would be great to build upon in the future.
For this module, we were tasked with creating a game with a unique mechanic. There was a focus on utilizing code correctly, and understanding exactly what the code was doing. To start, we were given a random kinder egg and were asked to think of a unique mechanic based on the toy inside. This was interesting and fun, to come up with an idea that was unique, and linked back to the toy that was inside the kinder egg.
I started by coming up with some ideas and prototyping these in Unity. After some time and feedback from others, I decided to settle with a platformer game. This would entail a character that could switch modes, to alter the movement mechanics of the character.
After a lot of prototyping enemies and the improving iterations of the switching mechanic, I had a good base to work with. I then started production of the music assets as well as the graphical assets. Unfortunately, I started to run out of time, due to focusing too much on the other two modules I had this semester. Consequences of this meant that I didn’t have time to fully implement all of the mechanics, graphical and sound assets that I wanted to implement in this project.
Above is a video showing off the game, also here is a link to the download of this game on itch –
Stay tuned for updates on this game soon.
Ryan Wildish
Game Developer - Programmer