2D Object Gesture Interface Engine Demonstration

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This particular "GestureEngine"
GestureTransmitter.cs - Broadcasts gestures generated on your touch screen by your finger. GestureReceiver.cs - Any object with this attached will receive gesture signals.
1) Attach the GestureTransmitter script to an Orthographic camera viewing your 2D objects.
2) Copy the GestureReceiver to a new script, rename it and its class, attach it to your object or prefab.
3) Make sure your object has a 2D collider.
That is it!!!
Turn gestures on and off (tune) the GestureReceiver script by finding and editing the following lines near the top of the GestureReceiver script.

objectTouchRecord.FollowPath_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureDragObject_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureTapDownHold_switch = true; objectTouchRecord.GestureLongTapDown_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureTapDown_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureDoubleTap_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureSwipeIntoObject_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureSwipeThroughObject_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureTapDownSwipeOutOfObject_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureTapDownLiftFinger_switch = false; objectTouchRecord.GestureSwipeIntoObjectLiftFinger_switch = false;
Each switch has a corresponding method, e.g.
objectTouchRecord.GestureDoubleTap_switch = true;
will call the method, it is here you need to place your own rection logic.
void GestureDoubleTap()
//Do something. Or leave empty - your choice.
Of course, some gestures are incompatable and there is interference between gesture signals.
There is a method called AnalyseGestureSwitches() in the GestureReceiver script,
it contains logic of suggested overides for gestures.
You can leave it as it is or modify which gesture overides which.
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