2D infinite runner project for Unity beginners
Published 19 days ago
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I have prepared a small project for Unity beginners to tinker with and learn from. It makes use of every essential element like animations, sprites, UI and sound effects. It is a complete 2D game project which is ready to be published. The scripts are made as small and effective as possible to aid the learning process of beginners. The scripts make use of standard practices like private variables and singleton class,
The game experience can be made more entertaining and diverse by extending the game with features like a high score board, various kinds of obstacles, a global leaderboard, and a shop system.
Note: The above project makes use of the following freely available assets:
  1. Jungle Asset Pack By Jesse Munguia (@Jsf23Art)
  2. Dino Characters By Scissor Marks (@ScissorMarks)
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