2D game sprites pack
Sprites for games.
This is a set of sprites for your game. The set consists of 47 individual sprites.

Resolution of each image 1024x1024.

Here is a list of all the sprites...
  • bag,
  • coin with "c" symbol, coin with dollar symbol,
  • lightning,
  • gear,
  • heart,
  • aid kit with green cross, aid kit with red cross,
  • repair key,
  • shield, sword,
  • star,
  • blue key, green key, red key, yellow key,
  • closed blue lock, closed green lock,
  • closed red lock, closed yellow lock,
  • open blue lock, open green lock,
  • open red lock, open yellow lock,
  • blue exclamation mark,
  • green exclamation mark,
  • red exclamation mark,
  • yellow exclamation mark,
  • blue question mark, green question mark,
  • red question mark, yellow question mark,
  • blue large potion, blue middle potion,
  • blue small potion,
  • green large potion, green middle potion,
  • green small potion,
  • purple large potion, purple middle potion,
  • purple small potion,
  • red large potion, red middle potion,
  • red small potion,
  • yellow large potion, yellow middle potion,
  • yellow small potion.
Sergey Kornev
3d artist, programmer. - Other