2D Face Rig
Updated 9 months ago
I wanted to create a custom rig that will reduce the time spent for animations and add more depth to the 2D characters.
Hello! I just started to learn Unity for my new job as a game designer. I am learning Unity on the go and having fun experimenting with rigs and animations. My background with Spine and Maya are helping me see the potential that Unity has to offer with character animations.
For this rig I used only position constraints and parented the images to empty game objects, but in the next experiments I will try to emulate the same effect by replacing position constraints with skinned images to bones. It will also be fun to have in these rigs squash and stretch and 2D Physics for the follow through and overlapping action.
I used Unity 2018.3.0f1 and the Anima2D package.
The head is made of several separate images that are affected by different Weight values in the Position Constraint component. The weight increases with each image from back to front. This will result in a parallax effect.
I also used Sprite Mask for most of the head parts.

The images are locked by the Position Constraint component but you can animate all the game objects that have "CTRL" in their name. The only bone in the project ("HeadBone") is used as parent for the head and can be later attached to a body.
raluca Dev