2D Dungeon Tile Pack
This pack contains hand-painted dungeon themed tiles, decorations, and game elements. There are two types of isometric wall and floor tiles, you can see the difference in the screenshots. Everything is cut and ready for use. * ​Please note/to add normal maps to this pack we had to rework completely all sprite sheets and some sprites. So if you are using it in the existing project you might lose some references after upgrading to version 1.1.
Simplified PSD source included/ Sprite Sheets/Tile Palette
The project is well organized and ready for use.

Pack contains:
• 700+ hand painted sprites + grayscale version
• 200 + game elements
• opened doors option for all doors ( v1.1)
• normal maps for all sprites ( v1.1)
• animates traps (v 1.1)
• animated water tiles (v 1.1)
• animated torches and other light sources ( v1.1)
• 2 types of walls in two color options
• 2 types of floor tiles in two color options
• Sprite Sheets/PSD files/Png files (please note since we added separated png files sprite sheets is not cutted)
Moon Tribe