2D/3D Paint
Published 3 months ago
2D/3D Paint - asset for unity
«2D/3D Paint» - is an asset for Unity that allows you to paint on 2D and 3D objects!
To use asset you need to add a component and configure a few parameters!
Unity 5, 2017-2019 supported.


● Easy to use
Just add component, setup a few parameters and there you go!

● High performance, perfectly works on mobile
Asset uses GPU for painting, which provides high performance.

● Supports 3D components
Paint even on animated objects - it is easy and have great performance! MeshRenderer and SkinnedMeshRenderer are supported.

● Supports 2D components
Want paint in 2D too? No problem! SpriteRenderer and RawImage are supported.

● Supports brushes
Choose brush and paint whatever you want! You can easily add your custom brushes!

● No colliders require
No need to add any colliders for work.

● LWRP ready
Assets works with unity lightweight render pipeline from the box, just use LWRP compatible-shaders.

● Pressure support
Use Apple pencil or any other device with pressure support for convinient painting.

● Undo / Redo
Did some miss click and want undo your action? Undo and redo are supported.

● Ability to save changed textures
Want save your result of painting? No problem, you can save changed texture.

● Long Term Support
Make sure that you'll get support for newer unity versions and new features.

● Full C# source code and example scene included.
Kostiantyn Saietskyi
Unity developer - Programmer