Cyber City 2097
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Challenge accepted.

Post Mortem Article
Introduction - Kia ora My name is Joash Osborne and live in Wellington New Zealand. I made most of the assets in lightwave and zbrush and used textures from
Inspiration - I used the roving tower image to give a location for a idea I've been working on " cyber city 2097 "
The concept is two merks in 2096, making there way in the world. first mission steal a server from the skull king. The scene is them going to steal the server.

In the bottom left hand corner I see a crate.
Model crate in lightwave bake bump and normal map to low res model. Photoshop a fragile sticker and yum cheese logo. apply to colour map (I also took a picture of a packaging slip).
Feel free to use in your project.
What else do I see ?
Rinse and repeat process.
Today I thought id test Post-Processing. Getting a good neon glow by turning up emission on the material and boosting the bloom in the Post-Processing profile. Also turned on vignette, grain, anti-aliasing and tweaked colour grading.
Cine machine tutorial today . Used the standard asset third person character to add some motion to the scene.
The whole scene is looking a bit sparse time to collect some textures. has some great textures
PK01, PK02 and Ancient Collection Texture packages by Philip Klevestav are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
, Cheers bro.
The Japanese was translated in goggle, I hope its note a big deal having the unity logo in it. If it is I'm sure some one will tell me.

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