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Neon Challenge Short Film
I’m a designer and co-founder at FIFTYTWO. Last year we released our second game Kensho on the App Store and Google Play (Steam, Amazon, and others ARE coming soon).

Asset Store

The first thing I did was reviewing the Asset Store to find something that could be useful for creating the right mood.
Here is the list of assets I used:
  1. Bridges 3D Basic Pack
  2. Barricade
  3. Cinemachine
  4. Cola Can
  5. Drone Crawler - Scorpion — $10
  6. Free Japanese Mask
  7. HQ Lion statue
  8. Iron Heart
  9. Low poly combat drone
  10. Luminaris Starship
  11. Modular City Alley Pack — $50
  12. Old Radio "Alpinist"
  13. Rain Drop Effect 2
  14. Recorder
  15. Space_Objects
  16. Town Constructor 3 — $30
  17. Сoncrete Blocks (Pack)
Also I used free GitHub projects: Klak, Volumetric fog, area lights and tube lights, Temporal Reprojection Anti-Aliasing
3D models by Constantin Paschou —


A lot of objects were misused. It's so cool to turn around a hovercraft and place it on the wall, so it looks like a funny weird mechanism.
The models I created from the scratch are the hotel logo, wires, and neon signs. They helped me to make unique atmosphere although I spent not so much time for them.

Volumetric Fog & Post Processing

The coolest tools for improving the visual style are Volumetric Fog and Post Processing. Volumetric Fog is really awesome because it turns mediocre graphics into something magical. Finally, Post Processing lets you accurately customize colors and effects.


I used Mixamo and Adobe Fuse to create characters and their animations. It’s most fun to play with these tools. Try them by links below:
Mixamo Adobe Fuse

Cinemachine and Timeline

I used Dolly Tracks not only for the camera animation but also for drone animations, and it’s very convenient.
Regarding Timeline, it’s awesome! If these things came out a little bit earlier, I would save a lot of time and energy when developing Kensho.


I made a soundtrack and SFX in Final Cut Pro and inserted it into my Unity Timeline. Unfortunately, I had not enough time to add all sounds to separate game objects to make it all sound even more impressively.
I hope, Unity Timeline sound features will be developing soon, because it’s very crucial to have more tools to work on sound design.

Alexey Kalinin
FIFTYTWO - Designer
Isa Koçak
3 years ago
Dope! One the best, that's for sure. Keep up the good work
Alexey Kalinin
3 years ago
Cool! Thanks!
3D Artist, Video Games Art.
Your project looks very good, great job. :)
3 years ago
Senior Creative Specialist
Wish you all the luck!
Alexey Kalinin
3 years ago
AhmedOne of the best here!
I’m so happy you like the project! Thank you.