2017 Game Showreel
This showreel consist of the following games: – Le Galleria Malaysia – Addict – The Swingin Slasher – Delivery – Warehouse Shooter – Brotherland The game are in order from my first time using Unity where I develop a virtual tour of an environment to showcase my findings in Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pangkor, until now which I have a team developing a game called Brotherland which is a two player game where one player controls the car and the other shoots. A brief explanation of every game I develop: Games I develop increases in difficulty based on what I learn every class. Le Galleria Malaysia: I have zero knowledge in using the Unity Engine. I learnt how to use the engine from scratch as when this assignment was given, we were not thought on how to use Unity, I modeled the whole environment, except for the stones and trees. The coding was fairly simple as I have a Diploma in Information Technology. Addict: By the time I was given the assignment to develop addict, I was already thought in several techniques and mechanics in Unity which helps me to develop Addict easily. The uniqueness of addict is to call a random function which triggers different event and different endings based on your decisions. The Swingin Slasher: The Swingin Slasher was develop to show our understanding on triggering an animation as you press a button, this gave me the idea of a weird looney town with funny monsters to test the attack and defend animation. Delivery: Delivery is a game I developed after learning the Finite State Machine for AIs. It is a very interesting function as it allows the AI to perform different task, in this case, patrolling and if they see you they will come after you. Warehouse Shooter: Warehouse Shooter was developed as an exercise to use Unity Networking, unfortunately there are some glitches that I have not figured out until now. That is why it is not published. Overall it was fun trying to figure out how to establish a network connection. Brotherland: Brotherland is my last assignment before I went for my internship then my final year project. Brotherland is a multiplayer group project. It is aim to show cooperation between a player with another. I am the level artist and also programmer for the game. It is still in development, the special thing about Brotherland is I developed a timer which acts as a bomb using Arduino to indicate that you have a certain amount of time to finish the game. Right now we are trying to figure out how to integrate the Arduino with Unity to start playing it as the button is pressed. By the time I am posting this, I am in my second year doing Bachelor in Multimedia(Virtual Reality) in Multimedia University Cyberjaya. I am always excited to learn new ways and techniques in developing games. Another step towards becoming an environment artist. To download some of the games I've created, you can visit the following link, Also check out my website
Hamdan Basri
VR/AR Developer - Programmer