2 Ninjas 1 Cup Key Serial Number
Published 3 months ago

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About This GameGet ready for a game so stupid you would rather show your browser history than admit that you like it! Lots of action, explosions and yes, it's a penis-tank in the trailer.What? You need more reasons to play "2 Ninjas 1 Cup"?- Challenging gameplay with instant respawns- Silly plot with voice acting so bad it will make you cringe (don't know which one is worse)- Explosions. Everybody loves explosions- Original gags. Terrible, but original.- Penis-tankNow we're sure that you want to play it, so here's a list containing things "2 Ninjas 1 Cup" doesn't have:- 3D helicopters- Answers to "Will Trump start the World War III?"- A proof that Hitler knew about the concentration camps- A diet plan for Yo Mamma who is so fat she broke your family treeSo what are you waiting for!? We need you to bring the cup back! b4d347fde0 Title: 2 Ninjas 1 CupGenre: Action, IndieDeveloper:VogelfängerPublisher:VogelfängerRelease Date: 3 Feb, 2017 2 Ninjas 1 Cup Key Serial Number 2 ninjas 1 cup pl. 2 ninjas 1 cup. 2 ninjas 1 cup pl. 2 ninjas 1 cup This game is about the same quality as the video.. This game is unbelievably hard, that's why I love it.. it costs 69 cents.. I've made a YouTube video if you are interested in taking a look before you purchase :) Ninjas 1 Cup is by far the most stupid annoying game in the world. LOVE IT :D It's everything the description promised! It is mindbogglingly frustrating and just as pleasing when you reach a checkpoint. I died 348 times during the YouTube recording (Yes, I did count them all).Pros:- Cheap as f***.- Funny dialog (because it's sooooo bad).- Good old classic platform gaming when its best.- Major gratification when you reach a checkpoint after 200+ tries.- There's a freaking♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Tank!Cons:- The music tends to be rather uniform... especially when you've died for the 129'th time!- A few more checkpoints would be nice.- I expected more reference to the "original work".. (update: I take it all back. This game is flawed and not worth the aggravation. It's bad enough that your character will go from a dead stand still to rolling off the edge without you pressing anything at all, but to expect me to dodge hornets on tiny sand blocks followed by a f*cking fire tunnel without a checkpoint after the f*cking mess that was the hornet bit?!?!?! F*ck this game.)Good game with acceptable stupid humor. I am enjoying it and the devs take suggestions on improvement. Good going guys/gals!. wow!!! super very fun!!!!!. I'd rather admit to watching hentai than play this game.
Liz Jenkins