12 Days Challenge
Test made along two weeks (12 days of hard working). I received a vest/armor concept and I had to develop the entire character. It was fun to work with close poly count restrictions: Hair: 6K tris Head: 7k tris Body: 30 k Moreover, I recreate an Unreal 4 Scene to move around the character. I think it's one of the funniest parts, just to move between the characters in real time and close up all that you can to see the details! Modeled in 3Ds Max, sculpted in Zbrush, textured and baked in Substance Painter, I've used Mudbox to project the displacement textures and the skin base color. Maya was used for the Uv's (love how it relaxes the meshes). Marvelous for some clothes and Marmoset 3 and Unreal for the render.
3D Artist