0°N 0°W
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Windows; HTC Vive
0°N 0°W is a first person exploration game. It's an entirely non linear experience through multiple open worlds where everything you see is accessible. The focus is a meditative adventure apt for all ages with the sole objectives of discovering beautiful environments to relax in. A randomized level progression system will provide a different journey each time you play!
"An incredible journey through unexplored worlds, packed with amazing sights rendered in a riot of color and effects" -Hardcore Gamer
"A nice vacation from reality, and a pleasant stroll through spacetime" -Venture Beat
"Find myself drifting back every so often because it never quite settles. I feel vaguely like a ghost with unresolved business" -PC Gamer
"The gaming equivalent of Koyaanisqatsi or the classic end sequence of Kubrick’s 2001" -Save or Quit
"I never knew the weirdest game I would play would be one I needed so badly" -GameSkinny
"A genuinely relaxing experience, allowing the players to soak up the unpredictability of it all." -Virtual Haven
"I told myself two more doors and stayed for 10. I turned it off, walked away and came straight back" -Cultured Vultures
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Windows; HTC Vive