SECTOR 009 - (Free Assets)
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SECTOR 009 - Post-Apocalyptical Futuristic environment.
Hi my name is Nathanael. I am a student, and I'm tying to start up my new business, Varigon Studios. I live in the US and this is my first time really using Unity. I am completing this challenge solo. When I saw this challenge I thought it was a great opportunity to learn some more about unity and potentially use what i learn in the future.

Final Submission

Here is a list of the applications I used:
  • Blender (Modeling)
  • Photoshop (Texturing)
  • Unity 2017.2
My goal is to complete this challenge only using free assets.


  • Netonic Dish (Custom)
  • Power Plant (Custom)
  • The Great Barrier (Custom)
  • Snowy Mountain (Free | Asset Store)
  • Low Poly City Block (Free | Asset Store)
  • Block Building Pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • SCI-FI Modular Pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • Ice Shader (Free | Asset Store)
  • Water Effect Fits For Lowpoly Style (Free | Asset Store)
  • Lowpoly Sci-Fi Buildings Set (Free | Asset Store)
  • Standard Assets (Free | Asset Store)
  • Modular Spaceship 1: StarSparrow (Free | Asset Store)
  • WarZone Environment pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • Canyon Pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • City Procedural Materials (Free | Asset Store)
  • Low Poly Nature Pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • Snowy Low-Poly Trees (Free | Asset Store)
  • Unity Particle Pack (Free | Asset Store)
  • Recorder (Free | Asset Store)
  • Cinemachine (Free | Asset Store)
  • Post Processing Stack( Free | Asset Store)


The story takes place in the Post-Apocalyptical Future, when SECTOR 009 is one of the few intact areas left on earth. On the surface sector 009 doesn't look like much, however once inside The Great Barrier, the big picture becomes clear. There is a huge metropolitan city right beneath the frosty surface. However, in the city the buildings are not vertical, but horizontal thanks to the artificial gravity, clinging to the sides of a giant trench. Inside the city not everything is as it seems...


I used the Timeline to animate the objects in the scene. I also used it to organize the Cinemachine shots.


I used Cinemachine to handle all the camera work.

Post Processing Stack

I used the Post Processing Stack to create the visual effects I wanted, including the fog in the scene.

DAY 001 - 12/10/17

It was hard to pick the concept art I would go with. I finally came around to this one:

I didn't want to stick exactly to the concept art. I worked out a more cliff type environment and was going to keep very few features of the concept art. Since this environment is in the future i wanted it to have ruins and technology side by side. I picked up my pen and started sketching and conceptualizing the objects I wanted.

Once I did that I went into blender and modeled my concepts.

Netonic Dish

I wanted to mix old and new. So i designed the Netonic Dish as a type communication tower.

The Great Barrier

I decided I would build the pillars out of 3 blocks each. Each pillar would have its own tilt, rotation, and position to make it look aged and falling into disarray.

I then put it all together with a landscape I made.

DAY 002 - 12/11/17

Now that I had a basic Scene in place I needed to add more detail.
I split the wall area of the Great Barrier to create a gate area. This was a step that conformed to the original concept art I picked.

I started sketching a power plant design that I could use as the main building.

The Power Plant

I made a 3D model of my sketch. This Power Plant was supposed to explain why there was a wall in the first place.

Soon it came to me that I should make a city not around the Power Plant... but under! I thought that having a city in a deep and long trench would be quite interesting. Using artificial gravity would add to the futuristic environment.

I quickly added the power plant in to the scene to see how it would turn out.

DAY 003 - 12/12/17

I wanted a more mountainous and snowy landscape for the environment. I found this perfect landscape on the Asset Store.
However I needed to alter it to include the features I wanted. Once the alterations where done I imported it to Unity3D and started to add my custom models to the scene.
Still the landscape was bare. So, I looked on the asset store and found these low-poly trees & rocks I could use in the distance to add a little detail.

I added a few trees in the background, to see how it would look. It looked much better with just a few trees added. Just wait until the whole mountain is cover in trees...

DAY 004 - 12/13/17

I embarked on texturing my custom models. It took me a while to find just the right color balance I wanted for every object. Them may look odd right now, but bare with me.

DAY 005 - 12/14/17

Lighting and Fog is very important in the environment. So I started using the Post-Processing Stack to create image effects.
I wanted to make sure that the Power Plant and Netonic Dich had a energy glow to them. I also wanted to have a foggy and light greyish background. That way it would give my environment a more abandoned look and feel to it.

Next I added particle systems. I took fire & smoke prefabs from Unity Particle Pack. I then altered the fire to give it the blue energy look.

I finally used Cinemachine & the Timeline to create a short progress clip. In the timeline i animated certain objects while cinemachine took care of all the camera shots.

Feedback and constructive criticism welcome.
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