Video game development: finishing up code
TaskBaltimore, United States11 days ago
Remote Okqualified Unity ExperienceUnity Certified PreferredFixedA Few WeeksEnglishUnityGithub$ 3.0 K to $ 5.0 K

Pretty Weird Studios looking for a game programmer who can help our primary programmer finish up the code for the game. They will work with the primary programmer to establish all tasks to be completed. While they may get some assistance from the primary programmer, they will primarily have to finish the work on their own.

The hired programmer will meet and work with the rest of the team, include developers, artists, and writers, and will have to take part in bi-weekly meetings to go over work and progress. They will need to have access to Skype and a mic.

Besides being fluent in Unity and GitHub, some experience with .Net is preferred.

The time it takes this project to complete will largely depend the hired programmer's rate of work, with the above work duration a best-case scenario. Major task milestones are as followers:

  • Meet with primary programmer and familiarize with code.
  • Develop work plan.
  • Finish up primary programming.
  • Bug-testing and finalization of code.
  • Packaging for demo.
  • On-call for bug-testing for demo.

Please note that depending on your level of skill and work, their may be additional monetary incentives.

Please provide a portfolio piece. All applicants will go through a screening process before interviewing with the primary programmer. Depending on your portfolio and work history, you may be required to take a test.

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