Technical Artist help w/ Graphics Pipeline for Mobile RTS
TaskCambridge, United States2 months ago
Remote Okqualified Unity ExperienceNegotiableA Few WeeksEnglishtechnical artistShadersMobile3D2DspritesGfxOrthographic$ 500 to $ 2.0 K

I'm looking for somebody who has built graphics pipelines for mobile on Unity, and who is very mindful of performance cost on low end devices.

Currently, I have a pretty good idea of the look and feel of the project, but really hitting a wall when it comes to rendering performance on mobile. As such, I'm looking for somebody who can level up the project in this domain, and deliver on the vision of the attached mockups.

The core mechanics for gameplay, touch input, and navigation have been built. There's also have a number of assets available but how it all fits in together in a pipeline that enables high performance graphics that look great is the challenge.

For what it's worth, I've explored a few different paths ranging from full 3d to pre-rendered 3d converted to sprites.