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A group for developers to share their stories during the journey of developing next VR/AR game. Please keep your postings only
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London, United Kingdom
Lawrence Elliott
Jul 28, 2020

We are looking to hire experienced remote Unity Developers, that can help us implement realistic 3D character Avatars, driven by the latest face tracking technology, with simple environments and VFX for AR.

The focus will be on optimizing the experience for the best possible mobile performance, whilst delivering the best quality visual results. This is a great opportunity to work on a smaller project with big impact.

If this is a project think you can help us with, please get in touch.

- Lawrence

Michael O'Brien
Jul 27, 2020
My company, ARdVRk Technologies Inc, is looking for a freelance senior unity developer. We just finished our latest fundraising round and we are working on an industry leading cutting edge photo-realistic avatar technology for the healthcare sector. Please send all inquiries to Michael O'Brien

Dean McDonald
Jul 10, 2020
I am looking to hire a freelance VR Developer to create a series of realistic technical careers within virtual workplace environment, this would be an ongoing project over a 2 year period.

Tomasz Kirsz
Software Architect, Game Developer, VR&AR
a month ago
Hi Dean - I'm Tomasz, at your service. I've developed a number of large-scale VR applications for training and entertainment purposes used by hundreds of people per day. I believe I can get your project going on the right track as soon as I hear a bit more about your aim. Best regards, Tomasz from Cherry Engine Limited
Binoy Balachandran
Game/AR/VR/MR Developer
a month ago
I'm Interested on this project ,could you share the JD my mail id is and my skype is binoyfly
Binoy Balachandran
Game/AR/VR/MR Developer
a month ago
Hi Dean ,
Bill Blakesley
Neural Impulse Media
a month ago
This may be something I can help you with. Can you provide more info on the type of content needed ie. 360 video, 3D models incl. character animation, interactivity, etc?
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Adrien Lelièvre
Jun 9, 2020
Technical/Environment artist with 5 years industry experience including Mobile and AAA PC/Console.

I am looking to team-up with an experienced programmer to work on a Desktop-VR Survival title.
This project would start as something on the side from my current job but could become my main interest.

References: DayZ (PC) ; Rust (PC) ; Pavlov (PC-VR); Onward (PC-VR) ; Blades and Sorcery (PC-VR)

Things need to be clear, simple, intuitive, modular, tweakable.
A large part of our work will be about making the right parameters and tools for then making an awesome simple and efficient game.

This project starts out by developing a VR Multiplayer Frame, that includes the basics (Syncing, MP, VR-locomotion basics etc.) for whatever could be next. And aims at being reusable.
(by us or maybe others !) - Our work can go open-source or for sale / licenced, whatever.

I have experience with all that's visual, and performance, but need someone to handle the programming, and network aspects of the project, which is a fair fifty-fifty.

We probably both would learn a lot on this road. We can 'hire' / team-up with more people as it goes.

I'm open to discuss with you. Let me know if you'd like to call and meet.

Discord: caveman#5352

Thanks and take care.

Junpei Tamura
Jun 7, 2020
【Developing AR App for Teaching English for Kids】

I'm Junpei, who runs an English conversation school for kids in Japan.
We've been teaching our students online due to the COVID-19.

I would like to request an inquiry for creating an AR app for teachers to teach English in class and students to study at home.

I would like to make an app for exercising (physically moving) and studying English at the same time at home.

So I would like to know how much it would cost to make the app described below.

This app Homecourt ( is originally for playing basketball but has cool games like this,

I would like to create games more geared toward learning English like this,
This is very simple, a question shows up, and you have to touch the virtual object with the right answer.

create account
create your own avatar
has about 30 games, for listening, speaking, writing and reading.
you can choose the level
online ranking system
different types of play modes - solo, multiple online play, stage mode (you )
multiple online play (ideally maximum 4 players at the same time)
voice call (during the game)

More details here ,

2 months ago
how can we work
Andrey Sirota
Jun 6, 2020
AR Business Card (AR Menu) ⭐ Unity Asset has 2 Editions
for different AR Engines:

— Unity AR Foundation (ARKit for iOS, ARCore for Android) — Free Engine with Normal Image Tracking.

— Vuforia (iOS, Android) — Paid Engine (Business Solution) with Top-Notch Image Tracking for wide range of devices (more than AR Foundation supports).
AR Menu (AR Biz Card) - Unity Connect
A group for developers to share their stories during the journey of developing next VR/AR game. Please keep your postings only
Preferred Language
London, United Kingdom