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Here you can post project details and also get freelance work. The main purpose of this group is to get good freelancer.
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[For Hire, PAID only] Indie friendly UI/UX Designer and 2D artist with 7+ years of experience.

Hello everyone, I'm Himadri, a UI/UX designer with 7+ years of experience and I am currently available for paid work.

Rate: $15 - $20 [USD] / hr. However, depending on the project, I can also work for a flat fee, for the entire game UI and art.

- UI/UX design, especially for apps and video games [Desktop, mobile, Oculus VR]
-2D game art: backgrounds, game elements, props, basic characters

Here's why you should hire me:
- No false claims- I understand the value of time, and only take on projects where I can ensure quality output
- Multi-platform experience - I've worked on games for mobile, PC and Oculus VR
- In-depth knowledge of the game development pipeline and the Unity engine - I understand technical constraints and can work within them
- Can take care of the entire UI design process and work with minimal supervision
- I offer affordable rates and I'm comfortable working for hourly payment or a flat fee, depending on your requirements
- I have excellent English communication skills and can help you with GDDs or any other documentation [such as game manuals, FTUE etc.]

Please feel free to contact me via:
Discord: that_pixel_maker#7534

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Roger Gonzalez
Aug 1, 2020
Hello guys. Hope you all great!
Here I bring you an assets collection that I've uploaded to the Unity marketplace. I'm sharing some of the voucher codes that I've created from this Medieval Paladin Pack, maybe you need it for some reasons :D.
The only thing I ask you in return is that please rate and review with honesty this asset. I would glad to know what do you think about it.
Asset link:
Best regards!!!
Medieval Paladin Pack | 3D Characters | Unity Asset Store
Hello! We are Raabe and Sinclair, a composition / music production duo from New England hoping to help you with scoring your project! Our main goal is to help developers give their projects unique and individualized soundscapes tailored to their interests to set them apart from the crowd.
Listen to the free sampler here!
Contact us:

Steve Léveillé
Jun 26, 2020
earning games made by Unity. As I own Online mall; I really want to advertise your games to maximize your users registrations. I wish to know though; once we have all requirements to redeem earned money through PayPal and two weeks after I have received zero dollars, what should I do? Scratch by Luck I earned $500 never received. STEVETV

justin furnas
Jun 17, 2020
Looking for a UI designer who can make some UI elements to replace the crappy ones I came up with for a game I am working on. Believe me, anything you make is better than what I made.

a month ago
Hey guys I'm sorry for the late reply. I didn't get notifications for some reason. I was able to obtain a freelance ui designer. Thank you for reachingcout to me!
That Pixel Maker
UI | UX | Art Direction | Freelance
a month ago
@justin furnas Hi. If you're still looking for a UI designer, please check out my portfolio - Do let me know if you'd like me to work on your game. Regards, Himadri
Paul Ping Kohler
Software and Game Developer
a month ago
Are you still looking for this or is this job filled? I can deliver a UX prototype as well.
Max Guernsey
Managing Member
2 months ago
I could use this, verbatim, as my LinkedIn headline.
Lazy Fish Studios
May 12, 2020
Looking for an environment concept artist to help bring a level design to life for an all new start-up mobile game! please DM for more details

Here you can post project details and also get freelance work. The main purpose of this group is to get good freelancer.
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