What's new in Unity: Shader Graph Editor, Scriptable Render Pipelines and more

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John Sietsma
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It's a massive year for Unity features. There are some big changes coming; the Shader Graph Editor, Scriptable Render Pipelines, a C# Job System, the Hub, templates and more.
The Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) opens the rendering engine for you to customize and redefine how Unity performs rendering at all levels.
The new Shader Graph, which is designed to work with the SRP, enables you to build shaders visually. Instead of hand-writing code, you can create and connect nodes in a graph network with previews at every step to help you design and debug your shaders.
The C# Job System will make it easier to write safe, multi-threaded code and increase performance.
John Sietsma, the Technical Evangelist for Unity in Australia and New Zealand will be going through these features so you can understand the impact they'll have on your future projects. This event is suitable for all experience levels. I'll give an overview of the features, and will dive into some code as well.
For those who can't make it along in person, we'll be live streaming the event.
Please join us at SAE in Sydney and stick around for some pizza and drinks afterwards.

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John Sietsma
Unity Evangelist - Other
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11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Apr 20, 2018
39 Regent Street, Chippendale
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John Sietsma
Unity Evangelist - Other