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The annual Unity Developer Day conference tour is coming to Vancouver for the first time ever — join us for an exciting day of development talks, games, and more at Unity Developer Day: Vancouver this September 29th!

Unity Developer Day is a conference series dedicated to supporting local developers through the exchange of stories and skills that promote the creation of successful Unity games and interactive media.

Our Vancouver edition brings together local game creators and Unity staff to share their expertise through a full-day conference track, networking lunch, and showcase of local games and projects made with Unity.

Expert Unity evangelists and staff will give talks focused on how local developers can get the most out of their work with Unity and its services. They'll cover topics like Unity's Entity Component System, Addressable Assets, Timeline / Cinemachine, Virtual Reality, and much more.
Local speakers will share experiences and insights gained throughout the creation of their Unity games - be it through programming, design, art, audio, business, and more.

Meet with Unity Recruiters

Come meet the Unity Recruiting Team at Unity Developer Day! They'll have a table at the event where you can ask questions and discuss local and global opportunities with Unity. The team will also be doing interviews so don't forget to bring your résumé!

Meet with Visual Studio

Visit Microsoft's table at the event to share your Unity development experiences and learn more about Visual Studio Tools for Unity. Whether you’re using Visual Studio, another IDE, or even a simple text editor, they’re interested in hearing how and why you’re developing the way you are!


We're thrilled to welcome East Side Games' Kay Chan as our Keynote Speaker for Unity Developer Day: Vancouver 2018!

As the Lead Marketing Manager at East Side Games and Organizer of the Vancouver Unity User Group, Kay will be sharing her expertise at the event's opening keynote with a presentation on the state of the industry in Vancouver - along with a special introduction by Unity staff. Arrive early to reserve your spot - seats are limited!

Conference Schedule

Track 1

  • Linear Content Production with Unity Mike Wuetherick | Senior Producer, Made With Unity - Unity Technologies (@gekido) The Made with Unity team have shipped several large-scale productions with Unity, including the ADAM 2 / 3 Episodes with Oats Studios, and most recently Baymax Dreams, a collaboration between Disney Television Animation and Unity. Come see how these projects were organized and learn how you can use Unity to produce Linear content, Trailers, in-game cutscenes and more.
  • The Future of High Performance Scripting in Unity: Entity Component System Arturo Núñez | Technical Evangelist - Unity Technologies (@arturonereu) Learn about the new high performance multithreaded system that will make it possible for your game to fully utilise the multicore processors available today without heavy programming headache.
  • VR by Default: Cross Platform VR Features Jack Pritz | XR Software Test Engineer - Unity Technologies (@JMPritz) Did you know that Unity has handy features built in to make cross-platform VR development a breeze? Come learn about these features and see an example game that works on every single VR platform that Unity supports!
  • Behind the Scenes of Unity & Automotive: Rendering in the Fast Lane Adam Myhill | Creative Director, Made With Unity - Unity Technologies (@Adamjcmyhill) A deep-dive into how a car commercial was prototyped in just a few days with Timeline, Cinemachine, Post Processing, and the new High Definition Render Pipeline in Unity.
  • Adressable Assets Arturo Núñez | Technical Evangelist - Unity Technologies (@arturonereu) Learn how Addressable Assets improves the iteration speed and delivery of your bundled content.

Track 2

  • Server-Side Data and Authority with Unity Steven Sauer | Senior Software Engineer - East Side Games (@eastsidegames) An overview of how to go beyond Unity’s core functionality and move authority from the client to server, as well as designing & importing data from outside of Unity. Learn the perspective, issues, and approaches a company had during its first server authoritative approach using action queues.
  • Building a Complex City Simulator in Virtual Reality Jedrzej Jonasz | CEO - Mythical City Games (@MythCityGames) A talk about the the challenges faced and solutions created while developing the city simulator game Skytropolis. The presentation will cover topics like the production process, design challenges of VR interfaces, UI/UX in VR, player comfort, and locomotion. Issues surrounding the simultaneous development for VR and desktop (non-VR) platforms will also be discussed.
  • Sprite Optimization Marcus Trenton | Senior Software Engineer - East Side Games (@eastsidegames) Modern phones have GBs of memory. You can't possibly use it all just on sprites, right? Wrong. This presentation will cover how to measure memory use, some of the traps that cause excessive sprite memory use, and how to fix them. Ever wonder how sprites interact with asset bundles? Or how iOS and Android use different texture compression? Find out here.
  • Building Interactive Exhibit Spaces with Unity Peter Doudkine | Technical Interactive Designer - NGX Interactive (@ngxinteractive) Learn about pipeline and practices when working with Unity outside of games and with peripheral hardware like cameras, RFID, and projection mapping. Gain an understanding of challenges and solutions related to audio user experience, computer vision, blog detection, and communication protocols between Unity and other applications.
  • Improving Game Reach and Retention Through Unity's New Tutorial Manager, Device Optimization, and Alternative Andrioid App Store Publishing Tools Michael Tseng | Business Development Manager, Publisher Partnerships - Unity Technologies Take a look at some of the latest Unity features to optimize your apps on mobile platforms.

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