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The annual Unity Developer Day conference tour is returning to New York City — join us for an exciting day of development talks, games, and more at Unity Developer Day: New York this September 8th!

Unity Developer Day is a conference series dedicated to supporting local developers through the exchange of stories and skills that promote the creation of successful Unity games and interactive media.

Our New York edition brings together local game creators and Unity staff to share their expertise through two full-day conference tracks, networking lunch, and showcase of local games and projects made with Unity.

Special thanks to our incredible host, Microsoft!

We're thrilled to welcome Owlchemy Labs' Autumn Taylor as our Keynote Speaker for Unity Developer Day: New York City 2018!

Autumn Taylor is the Studio Director, Marketing, KnOWLedge at Owlchemy Labs, creators of the multi-platform VR title ‘Job Simulator’, ‘Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality’, and the upcoming 'Vacation Simulator'. She helps manage marketing and PR, community, business development, and studio operations. In addition to her work with Owlchemy, she also serves her community as co-organizer for VR Austin and board member for JUEGOS RANCHEROS, advocating for diversity and inclusion in the video game and virtual reality industries. (@lusterly_) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
At Unity Developer Day, expert Unity evangelists and staff will give talks focused on how local developers can get the most out of their work with Unity and its services. They'll cover topics like Unity's Entity Component System / C# Job System, new Prefab workflows, how to create amazing prototypes with Probuilder, and much more!
Local speakers and partners will share experiences and insights gained throughout the creation of their Unity projects - be it through programming, design, art, business, & more.

Meet with Unity Recruiters

Come meet the Unity Recruiting Team at Unity Developer Day! They'll have a table at the event where you can ask questions and discuss local and global opportunities with Unity. The team will also be doing interviews so don't forget to bring your résumé!


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New Unity Prefab Workflows Dan Miller - AR / VR Evangelist | Unity Technologies (@DanMillerDev) The new improvements to prefab workflows will give you much more flexibility when building projects. Among other things, this talk covers the latest Unity prefab feature updates - like editing prefabs in Prefab mode, the ability to nest prefabs, and how to create prefab variants.
Job System & Entity Component System Mike Geig - Head of Global Evangelism Content | Unity Technologies (@mikegeig) Learn about the new high performance multithreaded system that will make it possible for your game to fully utilise the multicore processors available today without heavy programming headache.
Unity for Automotive: Working with CAD & More Mark Schoennagel - Lead Evangelist, Americas | Unity Technologies (@unity3dmarks) Discover how your Unity skills can be used in the automotive industry and learn how to import and optimize CAD data easily with PiXYZ and more.
ProBuilder: Building & Prototyping Quickly Dan Miller - AR / VR Evangelist | Unity Technologies (@DanMillerDev) Learn the basics of ProBuilder in Unity and how you can quickly layout and design levels and prototypes. This talk will walk through the basic hotkeys and workflows to take your block-outs to the next level.
Addressable Assets Learn how Addressable Assets improves the iteration speed and delivery of your bundled content. Mike Geig - Head of Global Evangelism Content | Unity Technologies (@mikegeig)
Improving Game Reach & Retention Through Unity's New Tutorial Manager, Device Optimization, & Alternative Andrioid App Store Publishing Tools Michael Tseng - Business Development Manager, Publisher Partnerships (North/South America) | Unity Technologies
Unity Beyond Gaming: Experiential Activations Kurt Lorey - Lead Developer | Bravo Media (@KurtLorey) Speaking through Bravo Media's experience using Unity as a tool to quickly build dynamic and interactive experiences for events, hospitality, retail, and brand activations - Kurt will share a deeper understanding of the versatility of Unity for experiential design.
Designing XR Experiences with Speech & Natural Language Understanding in Unity Nick Landry - Senior Software Engineer | Microsoft (@ActiveNick) Designing complex interactions for experiences that target XR headsets (MR/VR/AR) can be challenging due to the limited input schemes. While voice commands can be used to augment XR input peripherals, adhering to a rigid keyword-based system can be immersion-breaking and pose user adoption problems. Advances in Machine Learning (ML) now allow developers to easily leverage Natural Language Understanding through reusable techniques. The combination of XR+AI is a powerful integration that opens new possibilities for both gaming, entertainment and enterprise scenarios. This session is an exploration of how speech and language understanding can be used to augment Mixed Reality & VR experiences. We’ll explore the use of Speech recognition & Natural Language Understanding to build advanced voice commands, translate languages from within XR environments, and also look at the creation of intelligent conversation assistants to be used as interactive entities in Mixed Reality and VR apps & games. In a world where speech is the primary form of input, using Machine Learning to process language input and understand the user’s intent is of paramount importance.
Integrating Dynamic RGB Lighting Effects In Unity With Razer Chroma Tion Thomas - Field Application Engineer | Razer Incorporating RGB lighting into your game can open up exciting possibilities for creating unique immersive experiences for the player. As a global leader in the RGB space, Razer’s Chroma technology has been integrated in hundreds of games across many of the world’s top game development engines including the Unity engine. Over the past year, the team at Razer has made tremendous strides in enhancing the Unity toolset to facilitate the Chroma integration process to allow more efficient workflows, shorter development time, and better collaboration between the artist and programmer. In this talk, Tion will present the latest iteration of these tools to illustrate how to develop powerful and dynamic RGB lighting effects and show live examples of this exciting technology in action.


Local Showcase

The Local Showcase at Unity Developer Day: New York City 2018 features amazing Unity creators across the NYC metropolitan area showcasing their work for PC, mobile, VR, and more. The showcase offers a great opportunity to check out new and soon-to-be released games while connecting with and learning from fellow local Unity creators. The featured games include:
  • ParaLily by Team ParaLily
  • Modern Knights by initialPrefabs
  • Coffee Crisis by Mega Cat Studios
  • Tweet Star by Simple Machine
  • Swimsanity! by Decoy Games
  • Mama Hawk by Computer Lunch
  • Vision Soft Reset by Mark Radocy
  • Skate & Date by Gensuta
  • Tales of the Aswang by Paolo Villanueva

Plus, don't miss your chance to meet and share your questions with Unity staff at Unity Ask the Experts!

Get to meet with Unity staff experts like evangelists, business development managers, and recruiters to learn more about Unity and how to get the most of the engine and its features!

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