Unity Developer Day: Montréal 2018

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The annual Unity Developer Day conference tour is coming to Québec for the first time ever — join us for an exciting day of development talks, games, and more at Unity Developer Day: Montréal this May 19th!

Unity Developer Day is a conference series dedicated to supporting local developers through the exchange of stories and skills that promote the creation of successful Unity games and interactive media.
Our Montréal edition brings together local game creators and Unity staff to share their expertise through a full-day conference track, networking lunch, and showcase of local games and projects made with Unity.
Expert Unity evangelists and staff will give talks focused on how local developers can get the most out of their work with Unity and its services. They'll cover topics like Unity's Entity Component System / C# Job System, Shader Graph, Machine Learning, Scriptable Render Pipeline, Photogrammetry, & more!
Local speakers will share experiences and insights gained throughout the creation of their Unity games - be it through programming, design, art, audio, business, and more.


We're thrilled to introduce our Keynote speakers - Jongwoo Kim (Kitfox Games) & Richard Atlas (Clever Endeavor Games) will be opening the event with a special presentation - $0 to $1 Million: The Raw Numbers Behind Indie Success!
The co-founders will compare and contrast financial realities and the different paths of success for their Montreal-based studios using Unity. Their experiences will inspire and enlighten attendees of all backgrounds on the survival strategies behind independent game development and more.

Talk Schedule

Featured Presentations

ARCore: Overview & Interesting Interactions Dan Miller - AR / VR Evangelist (@DanMillerDev)
Job System & Entity Component System Mike Geig - Head of Global Evangelism Content (@mikegeig)
ProBuilder: Building & Prototyping Quickly Dan Miller - AR / VR Evangelist (@DanMillerDev)
Scriptable Render Pipeline in Depth: Understanding the Options & Creating Your Own Arturo Núñez - Evangelist (@arturonereu)
Unity for Deep Learning: ML-Agents Explained Mike Geig - Head of Global Evangelism Content (@mikegeig)
Fast Prototyping with Unity at Gameloft Montreal Renaud Forestié - Head of Prototyping, Gameloft (@Reuno) Practical Tool Design: Learning from Bolt Lazlo Bonin - Lead Developer, Ludiq (@ludiq_io) Designing Educational Experiences for Unity Brendan Polley - Interactive Lead, AXS Studio (@brenpolley) Enhanced FBX Workflows 2.0 for Max & Maya: Tools for Complex Asset Pipelines Viktoria Kovecses - Software Developer, Imaginary Spaces Three Years of Corgi Engine: An Asset Store Adventure Renaud Forestié - One Man Army, More Mountains (@Reuno) Unity for Automotive: Working with CAD & More Mark Schoennagel - Lead Evangelist, Americas (@unity3dmarks)

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Meet with Unity Recruiters

Come meet the Unity Recruiting Team! They'll have a table at the event where you can ask questions and discuss local and global opportunities with Unity. The team will also be doing interviews so don't forget to bring your résumé!

Ask The Experts

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM | Mark Schoennagel & Mike Geig Expertise: Max / Maya import tools, PiXYZ, Film, General Programming, Machine Learning, ECS / Job System
01:00 PM - 3:00 PM | Arturo Núñez & Neil Devine Expertise: Graphics & General Programming, Game Architecture
03:00 PM - 4:30 PM | Dan Miller & Damian Campeanu Expertise: Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ProBuilder, General Programming, Timeline / Cinemachine, Editor plugins, custom Editor GUIs

Join us for a day of creation and celebration with Unity - reserve your tickets today!

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1:00 PM - 9:00 PM May 19, 2018
Hyatt Regency Montreal (4th Floor - Gran Salon Opera) - 1255, rue Jeanne-Mance, C.P. 130, Montréal, Québec, H5B 1E5
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