Unity User Group: Bucharest

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Lisa Eliasson
BD/Evangelism Coordinator, EMEA - Other
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Join us at the October edition of the Bucharest Unity User Group on October 3rd!

Speaker Lineup

Liz Mercuri - 'Enhancing your Artist Workflow with Unity' (@FragFox)
  • In this talk, we will cover key Unity features which allow you and your team to enhance your artist workflows. Firstly, ProBuilder, which allows mesh creation and iteration from within the Unity editor. Next, the FBX Exporter, which allows the creation a live link between Unity and Autodesk products allowing quicker iteration and implementation of 3D assets into the Unity editor. Finally, Post Processing, allowing you to easily create a cohesive visual aesthetic for your project.
John O'Reilly - 'An Introduction to Shader Graph' (@John_O_Really)
  • Shader Graph is Unity’s new node based shader editing tool, available from Unity 2018.1 and above. In this talk you will learn what shaders are, how they work, finishing with a demonstration of Shader Graph. The demonstration will cover how you can get started, using properties, finally how you can script shader properties.
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Lisa Eliasson
BD/Evangelism Coordinator, EMEA - Other
(Local: UTC-4)
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Oct 3, 2018
Game Dev Academy Strada Aleksandr Sergheevici Pușkin 7 Interfon 1 011996 București , Romania
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Liz Mercuri
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John O'Reilly
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