Design Challenge
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Design Challenge

Can you come up with creative solutions to explore and learn via gameplay?
Design,Game Design,Kids,storyboarding,Game Mechanics,Game Art
10/23/2019 2:00 AM-11/08/2019 12:30 PM
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Design Challenge

Can you come up with creative solutions to explore, experiment and learn via gameplay? Away from the classical/conventional methods, craft rich ways of learning by using innovative gameplay mechanics, art and narratives at your advantage!
Topic (pick anyone):
● Colours
● Animals Kingdom
Modifier (bonus): 2 kids playing together.
Expected deliverables:
● A-Spec/Game design document. This should ideally cover:
○ Storyboard/flow
○ Mechanic details
○ Sample content/levels
● Plus points for
○ Supporting prototype
○ Mock screens/videos
○ Art style boards
○ Characters profiles (if any)