2D Game Art Challenge

2D Game Art Challenge

Create a splash screen and In-game screen for the provided game concept.
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10/22/2019 11:00 PM-12/20/2019 9:30 AM
1 Challenger

2D Game Art Challenge

Create a splash screen and In-game screen for the provided game concept.
A dancing game to teach patterns!
This list of available dance moves will be shown on screen.
A strip/sequence of the dance pattern will be displayed as well, with the initial 3 moves given. The player has to complete the sequence by dragging and dropping moves from the selection to the strip.
Once the strip is complete, the player can click on play to test the dance pattern.
The character on screen will play out the moves from the sequence. PS: The character doesn’t have to be a human/biped.

Expected deliverables:
● Splash Screen
● In-Game Screen (like the sample doodle above, 1920 x 1080)
The above in both PSD, JPG format. Additional presentations etc. can be in PDF format.
● Visual Development Images
○ Rough sketches, explorations, scribbles for character, background and UI elements
○ Rough explorations for the splash screen and in-game screen
○ Write-ups about your process, explorations if any
○ Colour Roughs, color keys
What are we looking for
● Composition
● Colour Theory
● Shape Language
● An Eye for Details / Readability
● Visual Development Process / Research
● Presentation