2D Animation Challenge
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2D Animation Challenge

Create a 10-15-second animation using Anima 2D based on the given story.
Animation,2D Animation,story,Unity,sprite atlas,Video,Unity Features
10/23/2019 2:00 AM-11/08/2019 12:30 PM
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2D Animation Challenge

Create a 10 - 15-second animation using Anima 2D based on the given story. Character PSDs will be provided.
The character enters the screen. While coming in, it gets scared by a hypothetical object on the floor and stops. It takes out a prop, bends down to pick up the object, throws it away and exits the screen.
[The hypothetical object and the prop can be white boxes/silhouettes]
Expected deliverables:
● Unity source file
● Sprite Atlas, Character PSD (sliced layers)
● Video render
● Key thumbnails, Storyboard, Animatics, character profile are a plus
What we’re looking for:
● Animation Principles
● Technical Knowledge & use of UNITY features
● An Eye for Details / Readability